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Pakistan Land Primed For Bitcoin No Comments

Pakistan: A country with the 6th largest population in the world, has suffered due to bad decisions at the leadership level. With the country now facing a tough task to return a loan of about $50 billion in 2016 with 46% to be paid in USD is facing a default like situation. We take lots of things granted. Banking is no exception. People just know it works and it should work. I believe this...


Legality With A Twist- Pakistan & Bitcoin 2 Comments

Recently a published article by ProPakistani shed some light that SBP is looking into bitcoin. The idea was presented to Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, Executive Director, State Bank, by  Mr. Harish Pillay, Global head of Community Architecture and Leadership at Red Hat Inc, as he was of the view that bitcoin and bitcoin like technologies could solve problems of Pakistan. To this Mr. Ashraf replied ...


Topup24 -The Instant PrePaid PostPaid Easyload & Mobile Topup Service 3 Comments

The trend in bitcoin acceptance continues as we wind down 2015. New entrants into this rising trend are Topup24, operating out of its main office in UAE and branch office in UK, topup24 offers prepaid/postpaid/billing easyload and/or topups in 120+ countries with payment methods such as bitcoin and paypal. Topup24 is owned and operated by Mr Azeem Javed, who wants to penetrate the online e-...


The Idea That Is Bitcoin 1 Comment

  While covered many times, the recent turn of events at NewsBTC Pakistan has enticed me to write another article on what, why and how to bitcoin. The things that led up to this decision had to with so entry of  new people, who are trying to use bitcoin as a payment gateway.  The reason to this recent increased traffic especially from Faisalabad, Pakistan is the reason that a PTC Sit...


Bitcoin Winning the War on VAT -Newsbtc Pakistan 1 Comment

After recent news about China claiming not to be able to control bitcoin transactions, the recent news on court ruling that bitcoin will be VAT-free in Europe has caused a stir between the masses. It has also resulted in quick upswing on bitcoin price as it went from $267 to $280. The decision is indeed great news and hopefully more countries follow this. Pakistan has lagged proper payment gat...