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Pakistan Land Primed For Bitcoin No Comments

Pakistan: A country with the 6th largest population in the world, has suffered due to bad decisions at the leadership level. With the country now facing a tough task to return a loan of about $50 billion in 2016 with 46% to be paid in USD is facing a default like situation. We take lots of things granted. Banking is no exception. People just know it works and it should work. I believe this...


Bitcoin NFC Card 20 Comments

NewsBTC Pakistan is proud to introduce the bitcoin NFC Wallet Card NFC: To understand the purpose of this card we need to first understand NFC. According to Wikipedia Near field communication (NFC) means near field communication or radio communication over short distances, but has come to be used in most cases for a specific set of protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which...


The Art Of Bitcoin- Crypto 101 No Comments

NewsBTC Pakistan team has been looking to get the word out on decentralization, cryptos and bitcoin in general. This is why the team has decided to start small sessions in Karachi to educate the masses on what it is how it is. It is very important for Pakistan to realize the potential bitcoin brings to masses. Most people see bitcoin for just its monetary value, but bitcoin is a concept which ...


Legality With A Twist- Pakistan & Bitcoin 2 Comments

Recently a published article by ProPakistani shed some light that SBP is looking into bitcoin. The idea was presented to Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, Executive Director, State Bank, by  Mr. Harish Pillay, Global head of Community Architecture and Leadership at Red Hat Inc, as he was of the view that bitcoin and bitcoin like technologies could solve problems of Pakistan. To this Mr. Ashraf replied ...