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It is indeed big news for the Bitcoin enthusiasts, retailers and bitcoin users that NewsBTC, world’s leading crypto-currency news site has opened its franchise in Pakistan and is live at This franchise of its own kind is being now run by Bitcoin entrepreneurs, the dynamic Bitcoin duo of Pakistan, Zain Tariq and Danyal Manzar, the co-founders of and

NewsBTC Pakistan is a really good step for the bitcoin community and those who are interested in bitcoin can learn about this disruptive technology and keep up with its happening in Pakistan in Urdu as well as English. Bitcoin being the fastest growing crypto-currency that is totally decentralized and peer-2-peer. Which means transactions does not need to rely upon any trusted third party or established financial institutions. Payments can me made directly via person to person.

NewsBTC is one of the leading and most acknowledged media outlets in the crypto-currency industry. It keeps the bitcoin community updated with latest news in the digital currency world and its utilization in the finance sector. It is the source of reliable technical analysis on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. It shares the current Bitcoin exchange rates with US Dollars and PKR in a real-time environment and keeps the user informed with any news related to B/bitcoin.

The mission of the Pakistan franchise is to promote the usage and spread awareness, along with keeping a tab on innovations that are budding out from this region. We aim to support, engage and relate to the bitcoin community. In this age of global economy and digital currency being its driving force is the only way forward into the future. Therefore its wise to keep ones self updated about the surrounding. Afterall, It is always better to be a step ahead then to lack behind.

Karnika E. Yashwant

Mr. KEY's passion for blockchain technology and experience with ICOs has already brought amazing results to crypto-startups across the globe. Whether he’s working with hopeful startups looking to change the world or established companies seeking to expand their horizons, Mr. KEY develops game-changing marketing strategies as the chairman & managing director of KEY Difference Media.

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