The Art Of Bitcoin- Crypto 101

BTC team

NewsBTC Pakistan team has been looking to get the word out on decentralization, cryptos and bitcoin in general. This is why the team has decided to start small sessions in Karachi to educate the masses on what it is how it is. It is very important for Pakistan to realize the potential bitcoin brings to masses. Most people see bitcoin for just its monetary value, but bitcoin is a concept which has been built on principle of decentralization, and a peer to peer network that can be used for much more then just money transfers.

This Public meetup or session or seminar will be held on January 30 2016 at Chainak, where we will cover many topics such as, what is bitcoin, blockchain, POW, POS, mining, trading arbitrage, crypto currencies and talk a bit about smart contracts. The idea is to teach people that bitcoin is not a company, and give them a better understanding of the decentralized, open source, peer to peer model originally envisioned by its creator. At the same time we would like experts in the field to join us and give their healthy input on the matter.

The idea is to help people understand bitcoin crypto in general, the charges for the session are only Rs 200 and all proceeds will be donated to charity. You are more then welcome to register and pay via bitcoin, easypaisa or bank transfer. Additionally we will be unveiling the the first NewsBTC’s home-made NFC enabled bitcoin wallet card which can be used to keep your bitcoins offline. This will be handed out the select few who will be sharing the article on how to use this card. The seats are very limited and will only be available on first come first serve basis. It is advise to register yourself in advance.

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