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NewsBTC Pakistan is proud to introduce the bitcoin NFC Wallet Card

To understand the purpose of this card we need to first understand NFC. According to Wikipedia Near field communication (NFC) means near field communication or radio communication over short distances, but has come to be used in most cases for a specific set of protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone,to establish connection with other device by bringing them closer together and transferring data.

Bitcoin NFC Wallet Card:
The idea was conceived by us to provide our users free of cost these reprogrammable nfc chip based cards which can be programmed to their liking. There are many case scenarios that you can use but the one we will cover here is the way to put your bitcoins on it or use this card as a merchant. Ledger sells this same cards for 29.00 € and calls it a java card running fidesmo platform which is open source and can be implemented here.

Bitcoin NFC wallet card can be used with bitcoin android based wallets such as ones provided by Mycelium and Since we want our users to be creative we have used top of the line NFC chip with 10000+ write cycles and a capacity of  888 bytes.

To receive this card free of cost please share this article publicly on your facebook, and make a comment on this post that you would like one. We will pick 50 random winners who will receive the card free of cost.

How To Use The Card:
This is pretty easy. You can simply use any nfc enabled mobile.

Goto Play store and download “NFC tag writer”
Launch the application on NFC enable mobile/tablet and tap on “write tags” option.
12593470_10208936370996218_7110705007209310430_oNow there are multiple ways you can write the tags. Either you can create a “new dataset” or you can simply scan the qr code containing your wallet address from”copy QR code”.
If you are creating a new dataset, create it as a “link”.

11057408_10208936373356277_2428056378073598555_oUnder ‘URI type’ select ‘URI (e.g. ftp, news, telnet, …)’ from the drop-down menu. Enter the URI in this format;
bitcoin: “your wallet address goes here”
You can enter the description as you like and tap on “save & write” button.

Tap the card with your mobile device to begin writing.
Viola ! you have successfully created a physical bitcoin wallet that you can carry in your pocket.
Once your wallet address is written on NFC tag you can simply tap it with the mobile device that have any bitcoin wallet installed to make a transfer.

You can also format the card by going to “erase tags” option under the app and delete you previous addresses and write new addresses on the same card.

In the end we would like to thank our sponsors who have been kind enough to help us bring this card to you free of cost.

First and foremost we thank Mr Haidar M Maccawala of to be the first eCommerce store in Pakistan to embrace bitcoin into his system and bringing buying and selling of hard to find products. Secondly we would like to thank Mr Saqib from for their support, a true pioneer in supplying rugs, carpets and leather jackets worldwide and paid with bitcoin. Lastly is appreciated for its support on covering shipping of the card to the end users free of cost, a truly unique platform for bill payments in bitcoin starting with Pakistan.

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