Pakcoin Local Banking Redefined

Pakcoin Interviewing the first vision of Pakcoin was where NewsBTC Pakistan came into existence. Pakcoin is a bitcoin like currency that is forked from litecoin source, hence its based on scrypt algorithm. The idea presented at the time was that there was transparency required in the current money printing/distribution system by the Central Bank.  Printing … Continue reading Pakcoin Local Banking Redefined

The Rise Of MLM

The world of bitcoin has often be subject to links to the underground world. The heart of this has been the SilkRoad saga. While bitcoin had been used on the blackmarkets such as now defunct silkroad, a bigger bigger menace to the reputation has been scams in the crypto community dragging it down. Multi Level … Continue reading The Rise Of MLM


The crypto community has been very active in trying to release new features and coins trying to improve the initial phenomenon that was and is bitcoin. In doing so one such theory has been bought forward by the developer of Pakcoin who goes under the nick: Pakcoin. In an exclusive interview with Newsbtc Pakistan we … Continue reading


پاک کوائن

کِریپٹو کمیونٹی نئی خصوصیات اور کوائنز کو جاری کرنے کی کوشش میں بہت فعال رہی ہے۔ ابتدائی رحجان جو کہ بٹکوائن ہے اور تھا کو بہتربنانےکی کوشش کررہی ہے ۔

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